Cold room spare parts sales.

What are we selling?


As sharp coolingcold roomAs materials, we sell all kinds of products to our customers via cargo or warehouse.


what is needed cold roomWe manufacture, supply and sell our products on the website www.soğ


We have listed below what we sell.


1 -cold room panels We produce and sell.

We produce and sell locked cold room sandwich panels with 42 density density and 05 millimeter sheet thickness in accordance with European stands.


2- Cold room isothermalcold room doorswe produce.

Cold storage We produce and sell all kinds of cold room doors such as impact door, sliding door, bar door. 


3-Cold roomcooling systemsWe produce and sell.

We produce and sell cold storage cooling devices in accordance with European standards.

Cold roomSplit chillerscold room central system devicesmonopolog devices

We produce all kinds of devices, including hermetic and semi-hermetic.


4-Cold storage hygienic accessoryWe produce and sell products.

Cold room hygienic interior accessory Ceiling hanging brackets and all other hygienic accessories are included in our production.


5-Cold room hygienic metal accessory We have production and sales.

All needed for cold roomsMetal accessory We are producing.

 You can get an offer from us for such products.


6-Cold storage panel paintWe are selling.

Cold storage panel paintWe are the only ones who sell it in Turkey.

what you needcold room panel paint We ship by cargo to anywhere in Turkey.


cold room accessory You can see all our product sales on our page.

 To get the product you need, just make a phone call and our products will be shipped on the same day.


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