What is Cold Storage.

A cold store is primarily a facility where short-lived foodstuffs that are likely to deteriorate under normal conditions are stored. These include fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. it could be. These foodstuffs are stored at the optimum temperature (primarily low) and humidity required for each product. Almost all cold stores are designed in such a way that these features are preconfigured according to what is being stored. Some cold rooms are made in such a way that these features can be adjusted.


Cold storage
Cold Product Storage Warehouses,
Frozen Product Storage Warehouses,
Red Meat Cold Storage,
Chicken Cold Storage,
Egg Cold Storage,
Aquaculture Cold Storage,
Shock Depots,
Ice Cream Cold Storage,
Dairy Products Cold Storage,
Rapid and Pre-Cooling Projects,
Elma Cold Storage,
Nar Cold Storage,
Medical Waste Warehouses
Citrus Cold Storage,
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Cold Storage,
Atmosphere Controlled Cold Storages,
Potato Storage Warehouses,
Onion Storage Warehouses,
Hotel and Restaurant Cold Storages,
Catering Cold Storage,
Bakery Cold and Frozen Rooms,
Flower and Seed Storage Rooms,
Medical Cold Storages,


Container Cold Rooms,



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