Wall protection barriers as Keskin cooling protects your walls and corners from the impacts of stretchers, service vehicles, rubbing behind the chairs at the back of the hotel, shopping malls, schools and hospitals in cold rooms, cold storages, prevents breakage, contamination and helps patients to walk and hold.
Wall protection barriers are made of durable materials with anti-bacterial properties and aesthetic surfaces designed against scratches.
Wall protection barriers are offered in 2mm wall thickness with aluminum construction and non-construction applications with color options to reflect the corporate identity of the companies.
Cold room, Wall protection barriers With hard PVC hand grip or without handle, rigid PVC impact strips offer solutions to your company in areas such as corridors, patient rooms and waiting rooms.
It is designed to protect your walls and panels against the impacts of forklifts, pallet trucks and other vehicles. Wall Panel Protection pvc barrier is an antibacterial and hygienic product that can be used in food facilities and warehouses.


Usage areas:

• Cold Storage
• Food production facilities
• Supermarkets
• Warehouses
Product features:
• Smooth and dirt-repellent
• Hygienic
• Antibacterial
• High impact resistance
• Not affected by water
• Resistance to chemicals
• Heat resistant. (-40 / + 100 ° C)
• Can be produced in desired color.

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