As KESKINSO you can now monitor your business from your mobile phone with remote monitoring module
Monitoring and control system can be connected to web server, Dixell controller and other ModBUS-RTU system
can be controlled by the LED panel on its own
Built-in web page based control module running in Linux environment
Control values, parameters and alarm controls can be provided
Imported values ​​can be graphed or imported in Microsoft Excel® format
Can transfer alarm values ​​to calendar and provide service control
Ability to send alarms via FAX, SMS (optional) or e-mail


Command sending to remote digital microprocessor (on / off, setpoint, lamp, defrost etc.)
Access via any PDA or Smartphone
Data control and display via regional or remote connection with a standard web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Firefox®) via computer
128 MB internal memory for more than 1 year recording and connection to 100 microprocessors
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