When looking for a cold storage solution that fits your needs, there will be many factors to consider. Cost, installation, space requirements, appropriate maintenance and timely service will contribute to your selection and
At the same time, it must have the condition that will satisfy you and answer all your questions.
Keskinso Cooling Systems offers a solution for all your cold storage problems with Storage Solutions
Industrial design modular cold rooms With its proven quality, European product range from lock to screw, unmatched energy efficiency, multi-use and adaptability to your existing facilities, most importantly, with 40% energy saving and nature-friendly products, Keskinso cooling continues to be your trust for 35 years.
Our engineers and installation teams have been at the forefront of the cold storage industry for years. Therefore, if you are looking for a proven modular cold room manufacturer, look no further than Keskinso cooling. We create the most suitable solution for you, taking into account your unique requirements.
As Keskinso cooling, we do not do everything, we only design and produce cold rooms. We are aware that the important thing is not to do everything, but to make 1 product with the best and highest quality.
Our work, with the awareness of customer satisfaction, quality, speed, and most importantly, staying loyal to your trust has brought us to these days.
Our communication is open 24 hours a day in all matters and you can reach us at 0537 917 16 95.
We are at your service with our expert team and staff for your turnkey cold room needs from 1 square meter to 10 thousand square meters.
Cold room panels (Sandwich locked panels),
Cold room doors (with slamming and sliding doors).
Cold room hygienic accessories.
Cold room pvc curtains.
cold room split and central devices.
Our cold room shelf types.


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