As KESKİNSO Cold room panels are coated with polyester, CRNI, PVDF on both sides 0,50 mm thick, galvanized sheet and made of 42 density polyurethane material.
polyurethane according to fire class 4102 B B1-B2-B3
1.20 kg / cm² on the wall panel
25dB at all panel thicknesses
80,100,120,150,180,200 panels are produced


KESKİNSO Standard floor panels;
12 mm thick inner surface,
Waterproof and durable plywood
the outer surface is 0.50 mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel. Floor panels
It has the capacity to carry 3.000 kg / m2 evenly distributed load. Optionally
(PLW + Galv) (PVC + KON + Galv) (Mat Cr - Ni + KON + Galv) It is produced as sheet.

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