Cleanroom Panell specializes in the manufacture and design of modular cleanroom panels for the electronics, pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries. Our modular cleanroom panels are designed to meet the needs of the latest technology. The prefab modular system offers the quality, flexibility and performance needed for any fast-track cleanroom project.
Our modular panels can adapt whatever the facility layout. All parts are prefabricated. During assembly, wall and ceiling panels are installed, windows and doors are placed in certain positions at the same time, and lighting, filters, HVAC system, etc. Necessary cuts or openings are made at the construction site for
As your cleanroom requirements evolve with today's technology, our modular panels can be modified to facilitate equipment or manufacturing process changes in the future.


Basic Concept of Panel System Design
Water proof
Flush surface
Heat insulation
Self-supporting, dismountable
Particle free
Clean ability
Chemical proof
Wall System
Fast & easy installation
Prefabricated panel with concealed electrical wiring
Self-suppoting, dismountable system
Flush surface and corner coving finishing
Accommodate changes in clean room layout and future expansion
Available either external or built-in panel return air riser including washable prefilter & removable grille
Single piece wall round corner

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