With Keskinso Cold Room you can keep your products for a long time and keep your market competition active at all times. In today's economy, preservation of products, especially in the food sector, is an important issue. World technology is serious research on this subject.
Nowadays, this issue is possible both with insulation and hygiene with polyurethane panel cold room. Depending on the condition of the product to be stored, it is possible to store it in different temperatures from 1 week to 2 years while preserving its freshness and flavor. In cold room systems it is important to choose the one that suits your needs.


Cold room systems according to the storage of products
Cool housing: (+ 5 / + 15ºC)
It is suitable for such products such as fruits, vegetables, essential for some products.
Cold storage: (- 5 / + 5ºC)
Cooling above freezing temperatures of products is for cooling.
Frost protection: (-15 / -25ºC)
Frozen products are a way of creating a storage environment for longer time than healthy storage.
Product shock: (+ 30 / -40ºC)
Shocking is not a housing type. -18 to C.
Freeze drying: (+ 35 / -30ºC)
The products are first frozen and then taken to an evacuated room.
In this room, the water vapor passing from the products into the environment is absorbed with the devices and dried completely or in the corresponding amounts with the preparation of the moisture.
Pre-cooling: (+ 25 + 5ºC)
It is the shortening of temperatures before the products are shipped to long-term packaging.

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