Central Systems are compact units that control all of the cabinets, cold stores and preparation spaces operating in a store from a single center. Especially considering that every square centimeter of the sales area of ​​the stores is important, centralized systems that save space also save energy between 25% and 30% compared to conventional systems. These units are formed on a durable chassis by parallel connection of piston semi-hermetic compressors ranging from 0.5 HP 2 cylinder compressors to 80 HP 8 cylinder compressors on vibration damping elements in groups of 3 to 6. The system is designed to have the appropriate capacity depending on the desired power and consists of compressors of equal or different capacities. The operation of the compressor and condenser fans in the system is performed by a microprocessor according to the information received from the sensors depending on the capacity.


High cooling performance, wide capacity range.
Continuity in cooling.
25-30% energy saving compared to other systems.
Low space occupation.
Low initial investment costs.
Ease of installation, maintenance and service.
Making the controls with a microprocessor device.
Easily programmable.
Protection functions of the system.
Monitoring and control from a center by connecting to central automation systems.
Cabinet types are electrostatic powder coated with decorative appearance and resistant to external conditions.

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