KESKİNSO Container type warehouses are produced in two ways with or without generator.
Container Type Warehouses With Generator
field, mountainous terrain, desert and so on. places available.
Installation and disassembly of fixed cold storage rooms are both costly and deformed panels.
Therefore, it is an ideal solution for operators with multiple storage areas.
Military bases fishing and rental companies prefer container-type cold stores.


Container type warehouses meet international transport standards
They are produced in accordance with the transport does not pose any problems.
Container type cold stores are produced as standard in the range of +15 ° C - 50 ° C
more than one cold storage in the manufacture of.
Due to the insulation, the internal volumes of the container type warehouses are 10% less than the bulk cargo container.
(For example, a 40 kg load container has a volume of 60.5 m3 while a 40 kg container tank is 56.8 m3.)
Container type cold stores produced with Keskinso Cooling Systems quality high efficiency
It provides harmonious operation and energy saving even in desert conditions.

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