Actually this is really hard to answer.

It is a subject where there will be different answers for every business, every job, every region, every country, and many opinions will differ, and there is no absolute truth.

In my opinion, if your capital is limited, if you work two shifts or more, if there is a company nearby that you can get rental service from, I recommend you to choose to rent.

If your capital is limited but you do not work intensively and work a single shift or less or with stops, then I recommend you to carefully examine the second-hand choice.

If your budget is suitable for purchasing a cold room, but you do not work intensively and work a single shift or less, I would recommend that you stay closer to the zero choice due to both the warranty advantage and tax advantages.

If your budget allows, I work two or more shifts, but my business is not very big and I do all my production and shipping with a large cold room, I recommend you to think carefully about choosing zero.

If I want to manage a track of 100 square meters or more and at the same time, my work will not be interrupted, if the cold room breaks down, the spare cold room will be activated without anyone disturbing me, my work will continue without interruption, I can increase the number of equipment without paying high costs during periodic workloads, the amount I have to pay monthly will be clear, I will not encounter surprise costs, If you do not want to deal with purchasing procedures, spare parts and stock management, and why should you bother with second-hand sales when it has reached the end of its economic life, I would recommend that you put the purchasing and renting option as your first choice, as it provides a kind of security and comfort.


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