We are assertive in cold rooms

We are assertive in cold rooms


As sharp cooling Cold room We have been serving for 45 years

We are very successful in Cold Rooms both in Türkiye and abroad.

cold room panels, cold room doors, cold room cooling devices, It is manufactured in our own workshop.

cold room accessoriesWe are ranked first in our country in manufacturing.

cold room hygienic accessory, cold room metal accessory, cold room PVC curtain,

These are also our own production.

We have all kinds of possibilities regarding cold room spare parts.

cold room Eccentric lock sandwich panel, And again, we are assertive about the eccentric locked cold room floor panel.

Our cold room panels have a sheet thickness of 05.05 millimeters with a density of 42.

Up to 14 meters long, up to 112.5 centimeters wider cold room We produce the panel.

Turkey's bestcold room We produce the doors. Our cold room doors, hinged doors, sliding doors, view doors, plasterboard doors, in accordance with European standards, are our own production.

Our cold room cooling devices are produced in accordance with European standards.

All kinds of compressor cooling groups and home apparatus, including Hermetic and Semih hermetic, are our own production.

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