What is container cold storage?

What is container cold storage?


Container cold storageIt is a special product that can be used in any environment because it is portable.

Container cold storage is a very advantageous product that can be used in all kinds of climates due to its structure and can be transported to meet special needs.


Container cold storage With its specially designed structure, it is produced either as a trailer or as a loaded vehicle.


Container cold storage Ship transportation containers are generally used as the hull in its construction.


 container cold storages It is produced either as a new container, a second-hand container or as a custom-made container.


Container cold storageThey are delivered in working order, mounted on the cooling system,


Container cold storageIt is produced according to your needs, whether with a trailer, portable, generator or solar energy system.


Container cold storageIt is also produced as -18, Art 4 or shocking system.


Container cold storageone sidecold roomOn the other hand, it is also produced as dipfreeze O.


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