Cold room price research.

Cold room price research.


What you need to do before getting a cold room quote.

1- First, determine the panel thickness of the cold room you want to buy.

2- Panel polyurethane density.

3- panel sheet thickness.

4- panel width.

5- Whether the sandwich panel is locked or not.

6- General structure of the cold room door.

7- The cold room door must be isothermal.

8- technical specifications of cold room door

9. Cabin sheet thickness of the chiller.

10- Brand of the cooling compressor.

11- Brand of the evaporator.

12- Condenser brand.

13- Brand of the parts in the gas circulation group.

14- Brand of internal and external fans.

15- Brand of Expression expansion valve.

16- Brand of the digital display.

17- Brand of the material used in the electrical panel.

Be sure to ask for a price for these.

Price changes in these will significantly change the offer you want.

When receiving a quote, be sure to ask for the specifications of the material used.



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