How to buy a good cold room cheaply.

How to buy a good cold room cheaply.


You want to buy a good cold room, but you want to buy it cheaply.

Be sure to contact a manufacturer.

Write the length and height of the cold room.

Add the desired Features to use in the cold room.

Specify the brand you want for the cold room device.

Specify information about the Cold Room floor and door.

We will get back to you with the best price offer.

What should be in a good cold room?

 We have been working on cold rooms since 1987.

● We produce each of our products in-house.

● We produce at the highest quality possible.

● We can apply cold rooms anywhere for food preservation purposes.

 ● We can produce narrow panels smaller than 115 cm with locks.

● We use our special products to suit your needs.

 ● We produce independent or central system coolers.

● Our panels can be locked together, including corners.

● We can produce in any desired size.

 ● We ensure that you experience low energy bills.

● We can transport your warehouse without wastage.

● We are always with you with our after-sales service.

 ● We use CE Certified products and give a 2-year warranty. ● We produce ourselves, from our panels to our doors and devices.

● 42 density locked panel, 5 mm sheet thickness.

 ● PVC Case 42 density hygienic doors.

 ● Hygienic interior accessory.

● Large screen digital control panel that can be viewed remotely. Dixel xlr 170

 ● EBM Brand German Made Fans.

● Friterm career Thermoway condenser and evaporator.

● Tecumseh bitzer compressor options.

 ● Electrical panel: SCHNEIDER

● Expansion valve: CASTEL


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