Cold room shelving systems

Keskinso Eastern room As Warehouse Racking Systems, we have been in the shelving industry as a manufacturer since 1999.


We would like to share with you our newly developed product for use in cold storages.


Below, we have tried to give you a rough idea of ​​both the shelf visuals and the floor types between the compartments with a few photos.



Our product is much more cost-effective and has the ability to carry much more load than its well-known cold storage shelf competitors.


Our Cold Storage shelving system is completely modular, floor distances are adjustable, and 350 -500 Kg on each floor. It has the ability to carry loads.

Although we have standard sizes, we also make special size shelving systems and designs.


Our shelf system, which takes up little space when disassembled; Transportation, Cargo, Warehouse etc. It is sent to every region of Turkey.


We would like to work as a partner company with a shelving system that we think can be integrated with the warehouse in both existing warehouses and new warehouse projects.

We await your return for details and price information and wish you good work.

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