How to produce a cold room.

How to produce a cold room.


If you want to have a quality cold room built, this process starts from the moment you place your order.

Because each cold room panel is produced according to the features and dimensions needed by that room.

Cold room panels on the market do not comply with the standard and real companies do not use such panels.

Cold room panels are prepared according to the room height and lintel channels are opened accordingly.

From the moment the cold room panels go into production, cooling devices and cold room doors are manufactured according to the needs of the room.

Along with the cold room panels, the cold room door and cold room installation accessories are packaged and sent to the installation site.

Cold room panels are assembled and finished by the expert team in the previously allocated place.

OK, with the wall, floor and door installed, it is now ready for the cooling devices to be installed.

Again, the cooling system is installed by expert cooling technicians, the system is put into operation, checks are made and the operating instructions are explained to the customer. And the legal project is now handed over to ownership.

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