Cold room equipment list

Cold room equipment list


sharpso As Cooling, we manufacture and sell cold room equipment.

Our company produces the equipment required for cold storage, assembles it on site and delivers it on a turnkey basis.


  It produces locked sandwich panel cold room doors and cooling devices required for cold storage.


  It imports and sells cold room PVC curtains as cold storage auxiliary elements and also produces cold room hygienic accessories.


  Again, our company imports and sells cold room LED lamps, which are an important need for cold storages.


  We supply and supply the shelving systems required for cold rooms, including logistics cold storages, and deliver them to our customers.


  We serve our customers with silicone, polyurethane foam, painted white screws, white rivets and plenty of spare parts used during the installation of cold storages.


Our cold room metal accessory production continues. Metal outer corner, metal inner corner, metal floor profile are produced in the desired size and length.


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