Things that should be in cold storage.

Things that should be in cold storage.


If you want to have a very good quality cold storage, you must have the necessary things done.


1 Panel thickness should be chosen according to the temperature at which the cold room you want will operate.

2 cold room panels It should be eccentrically locked with a density of 42 and a hair thickness of 05.05.

3 The cold room door must be isothermal.

4 The chiller group must be selected according to its capacity and must have all safety equipment.

5  PVC curtains must be used on the door of your cold room.

6  The shelves to be used in the cold room should be either plastic or chrome.

7 We recommend that you use specially designed LED lighting for the cold room.

8 If you will be staying in the cold room for a long time, do not forget to turn off the cooling system.


Important information: Be sure to ask for the certificates and quality information of all the parts you will purchase for your cold room.

Choose brands with high quality products used in the market for products used for cold storage.

Thank you for choosing us.


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