How to calculate the cold room.

How to calculate the cold room.


1= How to calculate the cold room,


To calculate our cold room, we need to calculate the length and height of the cold room.

For example, let's say the width is 5 meters, the length is 4 meters, and the height is 3 meters.

5 X 4 = 20

20 X 3 = 60 It is calculated in m³.


2= How to calculate cooling capacity,


To find out the cooling capacity, we need to know what temperature the room we will cool will be.

In this regard, the required values ​​of the products to be placed in the cold room are also very important.

As in the example we gave above, we first calculate the length. Then, when we calculate the height, the cubic meter amount comes out. When we multiply this cubic meter amount with the Cooling capacity, the capacity of the Cooling system unit we will choose is revealed.


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