cold room order

cold room order

Once the cold room order is placed, production begins immediately.

wall panels, floor panels, according to the cold room dimensions in the project,

and production for ceiling panels begins.


Sheets with a thickness of 0.50 in both directions are cut according to the panel dimensions.

It is pressed and the upper and lower hairs are placed in the molds.

Eccentric locks are put in place and 42 density polyurethane is printed.

Products that are pressed at a certain temperature for an hour become panels.

Now the panel production process is completed.


For the manufacture of doors that unintentionally open to the right or left according to the dimensions, the masters cut the door sheets and apply Presa in the same way and polyurethane filling is done.

Once the wing process has been completed, the door's frame process is also completed and it is made ready.


In the mechanical section, the cooling unit suitable for the desired cold room begins production and the evaporator is made ready along with the cooling unit.

Copper pipe, insulation, silicone foam rivets and screws are prepared according to the need and shipped to the installation site.

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