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hat is Polyurethane?
Polyurethane is a polymer composed of a chain of organic units joined by carbamate linkages. Flexible and rigid foams, durable elastomers and high performance adhesives, synthetic fibers, gaskets, condoms, bottom of carpets and hard plastic are used for making. Flexible polyurethane foams, also known as polyurethane sponges, are indispensable as comfort material in beds and furniture. Non-resilient foams are mainly used for heat and sound insulation. Polyurethane products are often referred to as urethanes. However, it should not be mixed with a special urethane material, also known as ethyl carbamate. Polyurethanes are not made of ethyl carbamate and do not contain it.
Polyurethanes were first synthesized by German scientist Otto Bayer in 1937 and obtained by the reaction of diisocyanate with diol. If water is present, some of the diisocyanate polymerizes with diol, while a small portion reacts with water (gas dioxide) to form a porous polyurethane structure (foam or sponge structure). At the end of the ripening period (24-72 hours) a very stable polymer structure is obtained. Subsequently, the diols were replaced with larger molecular weight polyether or polyester polyols. The polyurethane thus formed forms a stronger and more flexible elastomer.
What type of cold storage do I need?
Cold storage in Industrial Cooling is generally divided into 3 parts as Fresh product storage rooms, Frozen product storage rooms and Shock rooms. Alternatively, there are different types of rooms such as Pre-Cooling, Fast Cooling and Heating rooms. Depending on the product you want to keep and the storage time, you may need to use one or more of these storage types. You can get more information by contacting 3Pan contact page.
What should I consider when choosing a cold store panel?
One of the most important units of cold storage is Cold Room Panels. Panel selection should be done carefully in each project. Before choosing the panel, you should be informed about the following subjects.
First of all, make sure that the panels you have ordered have a modular and lock mechanism. Thus, if you want a possible relocation in the future, the panels can be easily dismantled and assembled in their new places.
Is panel thickness important for cold storage?
The panels used in the industrial refrigeration sector are generally manufactured in thicknesses of 5,6,8,10,12,15 and 18 cm. As a general principle, as the desired temperature in the cold store decreases (cools down), the panel thickness to be used increases. As the panel thickness increases, the cost of the panel increases, so accurate and on-site design is very important. Many parameters such as climatic conditions or geographical conditions of the region where the project will be realized are among the issues to be considered.
What should I pay attention to when choosing doors for cold storage?
Cold Room doors are generally divided into 3 types as Hinged (Swing Type), Sliding (Running on Rail Line) and Monorail Doors. Hinged Type Cold room door is generally used in modular, small cold rooms in size.
In the process of identifying your doors in your project, please make sure that the internal skeleton of the door is not wood, but aluminum.
What should I pay attention to when choosing a device for cold storage?
The most important component of cold storage is the cooling device. Turkey also Bitzer, Copeland, Tecumseh, there are a lot of products of world famous brands such as compressors Frascold. It is also possible to find some Chinese products in the sector. Although these products seem to be the most economical in terms of cost, they are not economic solutions in the long term due to quality problems.
When determining the chillers in the feasibility stage of your project, you need to consider the cooling capacity of the devices in Watts, not just the horsepower. Select your devices within the so-called European standards (Eurovent Standards).
How important is the base material used in cold rooms?
The base material can be important according to the intended use of your cold room. In industrial cold room projects, heat insulation is provided as a result of styrofoam floor application. In smaller size modular type cold room projects, ready-made floor cold room panels are used. If you have any question marks during the projecting phase, you can contact us and benefit from our free Discovery and Projecting service.
Why can't devices of equal power provide the same capacity of cooling?
The cooling devices consist of many parts. The most important of these components and the main parameter that determines the power of the device is the compressor. However, the other components in the device can seriously affect the capacity of the cooling devices (number of fans, diameter, condenser volume, number of copper pipes, etc.). Naturally, the cost of the device, which produces better cooling capacity, is higher.
As a result, when comparing your offers, please note that two refrigerators with the same brand and the same compressor can be of different numbers.
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