Cold Room Periodic Maintenance


It is important that you maintain your equipment to ensure that it operates properly each year and every year. We will perform a full inspection and perform routine maintenance to ensure that your equipment is operating as intended. We will ensure that everything is reset to factory settings and carefully evaluate the performance of each component using the best available testing tools available.
Regular maintenance can help you reduce your total costs over the life of the refrigeration equipment, so be sure to plan with us as soon as possible.
We provide annual maintenance service to companies in Istanbul for cold rooms and cold stores.
Service-maintenance process has 3 stages;
Stage 1, commissioning of the cooling devices (Start-Up)
Stage 2, minor and major maintenance of cooling devices
- Monitoring of periodic and proactive maintenance steps.
Stage 3, the process of closing the cooling devices
4. Major maintenance service of the specified cooling units
C. Technical Content of Maintenance
Control points and services for periodic and proactive maintenance.
We do maintenance in total 4 times a year spring autumn heavy maintenance other 2 light general maintenance,
A-Periodic and Proactive Maintenance Steps and Services
1. Gas leak control
2. Refrigerant charge control
3. Condenser cleaning
4. Condenser fan control
5. Device control of inner and outer sheet panels
6. Corrosion control of copper pipes and system
7. Expansion valve control
8. Evaporator water leakage control
9. Power and control cable connection control
10. Pressure, temperature, flow sensors control
11. Load - Unload Control
12. Oil heater control
13. Compressor and fan contactor control
14. Control of High Pressure, Low Pressure and Operation Pressure
15. Freezing Cut-out control
16. Separator oil level control
17. Condenser, oil, suction pressure control
18. Oil, suction line and suction saturation and ambient temperature control
19. Motor ampere and% compressor load control
20. System and fan Start-Up / Shutdown control
21. Liquid subcooling and suction superheat temperature control
22. Humidity control
23. Total runtime control
24. Monitoring of periodic and proactive maintenance steps


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